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How a clicker training business gets in the news

This is a great example of how to get your training business in the news and spread the word on clicker training. Pet Emporium in Arkansas has a writeup in their local paper which introduces their training business by giving an introduction to clicker training for dogs (and later in the article, T-Touch). This generates interest in the training methods and in the business, as well as setting up the trainers there as cutting-edge experts in their area. So go to your local paper, your newsweeklies, whatever small outlets are in your area and let them know what makes your training business unique!

What Are the Rules for Naming a Prize Pooch?

For all who are watching Westminster this week wondering the very same thing, Slate.com provided a nice explanation:
The coveted "Best in Show" title at this week's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was snagged by a Kerry blue terrier named Ch. Torums Scarf Michael. Other top entrants included Ch. Set'R Ridge Wyndswept In Gold; Ch. Yakee Leaving Me BreathlessAtFranshaw; and Ch. Luxor's Playmate Of The Year. What does the doggy set have against classic names like "Fido" and "Spike"?

ClickerExpo Tucson: It was hot

If you were from the northern climates, Tuscon's temperatures were wonderful. If you were from the southern climes, perhaps it seemed a bit cool. But no matter where you were from, everyone agreed that CickerExpo was hot.

Breed-specific legislation

Malcolm Gladwell, author of the books "Blink" and " The Tipping Point" writes a rather good article in the New Yorker this week about the both the power and danger of generalizations, and more specifically, what kind of generalizations are useful and what kinds are not.

ClickerExpo Tucson - a photoset on Flickr

Photos taken by roving cameraphone photographer Bill Peña at ClickerExpo Tucson. Here's a basketball-playing rabbit to whet your appetite!