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Dog Play Dates: It’s a Dog-Meet-Dog World

It all began weeks ago while I was waiting for my daughter to get out of her tumbling class. I was chatting with a mother I had just met about our families. She was new to the area, so I didn’t find it that odd when she suggested that we set up a play date sometime. My daughter, Anna, is very outgoing, which makes her a popular pick for play dates. I said that I thought Anna would enjoy a play date with her daughter, and she said, “Daughter? I wasn’t talking about our kids. I’m talking about a play date for our dogs!”

Dog Debarking? No Way

Like most greyhounds, my 13 year-old greyhound, Sydney, has a quiet, gentle soul. But boy, can she bark! She barks when she wants to go out and she barks when she wants to come in. She barks when she’s happy and she barks when she is bored. I admit, it can be irritating, particularly at 5am when I want to relish that last hour of sleep before my alarm sounds. But would I consider permanently silencing her so that I can get that last hour of sleep? No. So what to do?

Watch as an old dog learns a new trick!

You'd think that all dogs just love to play with toys, but it's not true. Some dogs are scared of toys. With these dogs you have to teach them to play again.

Karen Pryor's harlequin poodle, Misha, is one. Misha's late canine housemate, Twitchett, ruled the toy kingdom at home and rarely let poor Misha get in his fair share of fun and games. So, toys haven't held much interest for Misha, and can sometimes really scare him.

Majority of Pet Owners Buy Presents for their Pals

According to the Associated Press, 52% of pet owners plan to buy their animals a holiday gift—up from 43% last year. Many pets receive holiday outfits, special toys, and themed treats such as candy cane-shaped rawhide chews. Here at KPCT, we've already picked out a few holiday gifts for the special pets on our lists, including a Santa Loopie, Reindeer Toys, and a Hanukkah Gelt squeaker!

Costume Contest Winners!

The winners of our Click and Treat Halloween Costume Contest are in and we have a winner! There were lots of great entries, but only one could win.