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Student scholarships now available for Karen Pryor Academy

If you've been waiting for scholarship money to be available for the professional Dog Trainer Program through Karen Pryor Academy, then here's some great news!

Seeing How to Teach Those Who Can't See

How does a sightless person teach a guide dog to help locate a wall switch or crosswalk button or find an empty chair to sit in? Those were just three of the fascinating training puzzles worked through at ClickerExpo this year.

Music teacher breaks new ground with TAGteach

The following success story was posted to the TAGteach Yahoo Group:

I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed your TAGteach seminar in Sanford last week. It has really changed not only how I view teaching music and training dogs, but how I view all human interactions.

Clicking for Credit: Video of ClickerExpo Cleveland, 2007

Don't miss this great video from the 2007 Cleveland ClickerExpo. Entertaining and informative. If you've never been to ClickerExpo, this clip provides a great feel for the event—and if you've been before, see if you recognize anyone! Click here to watch!

Register by 9/30 for ClickerExpo Los Angeles and save $50

Only a few days Left to save $50 on ClickerExpo!