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Cell phone sniffing dogs in prisons

Murphy, an English Springer Spaniel, has been specially trained to hunt out the mobile phone handsets - which have a particular scent.

Mobiles are a big security risk in prisons. They have been used to plot escapes, threaten court witnesses and organise crime on the outside.

Making Dogs More Adoptable with Clicker Training

[Merope Pavlides] said owners can learn how to clicker train their own dogs. "The most important thing and the thing that takes the most practice is timing, so that the click marks precisely as the behavior is wrapping up."

Clicker Training: No More Homeless Pets

Andrea Frick has started a new blog on the Best Friends Network named "Clicker Training: No More Homeless Pets." On it she answers questions related to adoption and training, and for very good reason. As she puts it:

Owning and Training Small Dogs

Small dogs also "need gentle, positive obedience training." A trainer as well as an award-winning pet writer, Arden is "a firm believer in clicker training" because, she said, it's easy, and it works.

Karen Pryor interviewed on KPFK Pacifica Radio SoCal

Karen was on Access Unlimited on 9/5/06; you can listen to an archive of the show here. They talk about Panda, the seeing eye horse, and about the upcoming ClickerExpo in Los Angeles among other things.