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The Bark Blogs about Canis Winners!

When the 2009 Canis Film Festival winners were announced at ClickerExpo in Rhode Island just over a week ago, there was lots of excitement. The online version of The Bark magazine blogged about the contest, the awards, and the winners. JoAnna Lou talks about the "just-plain-fun" the animals and trainers have together in her blog. Thanks for the nod, JoAnna!

Herding Dogs Create Amazing Sheep Art

So what did these clever Welsh gents do when they got bored one weekend? They whistled for their dogs, grabbed a few hundred thousand LED lights and a large flock of sheep, and headed for the hills to create some amazing art for a television advertisement.

This will knock your woolen socks off!

Chicago Tribune pays tribute to cat trainer

When you're in the zone, you're in the zone! Clicker trainer Samantha Martin strikes again with a major coup: this terrific profile in the Chicago Tribune. Congratulations, Samantha!

In case you missed it, we blogged about Samantha's other recent press coverage earlier this month.

Samantha Martin: This Cat Can't Be Stopped

Don't miss this terrific interview with clicker trainer Samantha Martin in the Chicagoist. Samantha works with cats and small mammals, using all-positive training with amazing results. (And if you can't get enough of Samantha, check out our own profile of this dynamic trainer: Herding Cats in Hollywood.) An excerpt from the new interview:

Cuddle up with your dog—but wash your hands, too!

These days, if it's not worry about the economy, it's worry about our health. The news is full of stories about superbugs and new illnesses—never mind the flu and other common viruses. One piece of positive news stands out—our pets can continue to offer comfort against these worries.