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"Masterpiece"? Karen must be blushing!

A great review of Reaching The Animal Mind by clicker training community member Eve Alexander at examiner.com. An excerpt:

Survival: Why Reinforcement Can Determine if You Live or Die

One thing I can't get out of my own mind after reading Karen Pryor's new book, Reaching the Animal Mind, is the fascinating neuroscience about how the click follows deep physiological, non-cognitive pathways involving the amygdala. Combine this with the "seeker circuit" physiology, and you have a big part of what make the clicker training process so powerful—it's permanent and impossible to resist.

Casey Lomonaco Winner of 2009 APDT Dogwise John Fisher Essay Award

Our very own Casey Lomonaco, Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) and KPCT contributor, has been awarded the APDT Dogwise John Fisher Essay Award for 2009.

TAGteach Online Course Open for Registration!

You know how well clicker training works with animals. Did you know that those extraordinary results can be replicated with humans? It’s called TAGteach—a system of marker-based positive reinforcement for teaching humans.

TAG is an acronym for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. The focused, positive nature of this method yields immediate and stunning results that are clearly evident to teachers, students, and parents. TAG is a modified application of clicker training applied to humans, currently being used in a wide array of disciplines including corporate training, sports, classroom teaching, physical and occupational therapy, music instruction, and more. For an illustration of TAGteach in action, watch this video.