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Karen Pryor Academy Certifies New Class of Elite Trainers

Waltham, MA, November 2, 2009—Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior is pleased to announce the following graduates from the Dog Trainer Program, each earning the title of Certified Training Partner:

On the Road Again

I recently gave public lectures in St. Louis and Denver, as combined benefits for each city's zoo and humane society. In both cities, these organizations promote and use clicker training.

Pro Trainers: How to Increase Revenue via Memberships

In difficult economic times, how can a dog trainer establish and develop a thriving professional enterprise?

Lick It!

Karen Pryor Academy's Dog Trainer Program combines online education, at-home training exercises, and a series of workshops with a KPA faculty member. One of the first exercises in the online web lessons is to teach your dog to lick its lips, on purpose, for a click and a treat at home.

When Your Demo Dog Doesn't Demo: A Tribute to My First Obedience Instructor

A few weeks ago, I gave a short teaching demonstration for a Karen Pryor Academy workshop. The lesson had me teaching students to train their dogs to target to the students' index fingers and then follow the finger. It's a handy behavior that can be used to teach heeling or any number of great tricks. I looked forward to teaching it, as it's one of my favorites.