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On My Mind: It's Not What You Do. It's How You Do It.

It’s a sunny spring afternoon in New England at the annual meeting of a group of animal behaviorists. I’m sitting on a folding chair alongside a small corral, watching some demonstrations with horses. My friend Tim Sullivan, curator of behavioral husbandry at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, is sitting on my left.

We’re watching a demonstration of clicker training. A calm old police horse is led into the corral and turned loose. The trainer stands on our side of the fence. She has a clicker, a bucket of feed, and a huge target stick that looks like a toilet plunger, with a big padded lump on one end.

Karen Pryor Academy Certifies New Class of Elite Trainers

Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior is pleased to announce the following graduates from the Dog Trainer Program, each earning the title of Certified Training Partner:

Podcast: Why I Love Freestyle

Enjoy listening to world freestyle champion Michele Pouliot as she talks about how this wonderful sport combines training and teamwork to bring out the wonderful relationship between owner and do

2010 B.F. Skinner Scholarships Available for Karen Pryor Academy

Waltham, MA, January 12, 2010—Karen Pryor Academy announces the immediate availability of B.F. Skinner Memorial scholarships to Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Program.

New Veterinary Technician Behavior Scholarships Available for Karen Pryor Academy

Waltham, MA, January 12, 2010—The organizing committee for the Academy of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (AVBT) and the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (SVBT) scholarship committee a