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Karen Pryor Academy Announces 2010 Graduates

Waltham, MA, February 11, 2011—Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (KPA) is pleased to announce the 2010 graduates from the Dog Trainer Program, each earning the title of KPA Certified Training Partner (CTP). The 109 graduates join 241 graduates worldwide, representing 39 states in the U.S. and 15 countries.

On My Mind: Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

For me, the biggest thrill of 2010 was the rise of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP). A CTP is a dog trainer who has passed our challenging flagship course with high grades. That means he or she truly understands how to use reinforcement technology, at a high level of skill, on any learner—including the human owner.

Promoting Positive on Television: An Interview with Victoria Stilwell

Imagine a household where dogs rule the roost, where out-of-control canines call the shots while their owners are left in the dog house.

Karen Pryor Academy in Bark Magazine

Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) was profiled in a recent Bark Magazine article entitled “How to Become a Dog Trainer.” In the article, author and KPA Certified Training Partner (CTP) Kay Elliot provides sound advice on how to get started with a career in dog training and how to choose a dog training school. Elliot advises readers to “be sure that whatever academy, mentor or seminar speaker you choose promotes the use of only the most up-to-date, reward-based training methods grounded in the science of how dogs learn.” The article describes Karen Pryor Academy as the only positive-reinforcement training academy to combine the convenience of distance learning with hands-on workshops.

Karen Pryor Academy: What’s In It for You?

For new trainers just opening their own business, the decision to enroll in Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) is obvious and easy. If you want to become the best, you must learn from the best. Who better to learn from than the woman who introduced marker training to legions of dog trainers and devotees in the book that revolutionized the field, Don't Shoot the Dog!