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Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog

Podcast: Aggressive Dogs: Nature or Nurture?

In this month's podcast, Aidan Bindoff discusses dogs' aggressive behavior. Aidan asks, "Are aggressive dogs born aggressive, or is the aggression a result of the dog's upbringing and training?" Listen to the podcast (available at the bottom of the page) to learn more about aggression as an operant behavior, and how to deal with the issue in training. Read the original article here.

Want to Be a Clicker Trainer? Join the FBI

I had the good fortune of growing up on a 500-acre farm in Greenwood, a small town in western New York State. That's where it all started. It was a modest, old-fashioned dairy farm and all the milking was done by hand, twice a day. Besides the milk cows we had beef cattle, a few horses, up to 140 pigs, turkeys, 30,000 chickens, a herd of cats, and a pack of dogs. I loved it. I wanted to become a vet.

Service with a Click

Debi Davis, service-dog trainer and ClickerExpo presenter (Minneapolis, November 2005), writes training articles for national and international magazines and is an Internet mentor for service-dog teams in training. In 1998, she co-founded OC-Assist-Dogs, a Yahoo Group Internet discussion list for those clicker training service dogs, now the largest service-dog discussion list on the web. In 1999, her papillon, Peek, became the first toy breed and first clicker trained dog to earn the Delta Society's National Service Dog of the Year award. In 2003, Peek was among the Pedigree Paws to Recognize Canine World Hero nominees. Peek and Debi were also profiled on a segment of the international television program Dogs with Jobs. A member of the APDT, IAADP, IABC, and the Delta Society, Debi lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband and five clicker trained dogs. Recently, we spoke to her about clicker training assistance dogs and her experiences attending ClickerExpo San Diego.

Click to Calm: Reviews

"Click for Calm is a must read for every dog owner, not just those with a reactive dog. Brava, Emma Parsons, on adding an important new book to the literature."
—Darlene Arden, author, The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs

Host a Click to Calm Workshop!

If you are a trainer, a club, or training school we wanted to let you know that you can book a Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog workshop with Emma Parsons.