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Listen and Enjoy! Phoebe Chronicles in MP3 and Podcast

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Gale Pryor's much-beloved series on raising a Border collie in the suburbs is now available in audio, read by the author herself. For the next ten months, we will be releasing one episode a month that you can listen to for free on your computer or portable digital audio player.

"The Phoebe Chronicles: The Life and Adventures of a Border Collie" was first published in Teaching Dogs magazine and right here on Clickertraining.com. The series details the life of an English Border collie growing up in an American suburb. Can a lass from sheep country adjust and prosper in Tidy Lawn, USA? Can three boisterous boys learn to be sensible collie handlers? Find out what it takes for a busy family to keep a collie happy and occupied (thank God for Canadian geese), how clicker training a collie affects child development, husband development, and neighborly relations.

Listen to the readings by downloading the MP3s directly from The Phoebe Chronicles pages (starting with Chapter 1, Letter from America) or subscribe to the podcast with the links below.

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