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"Click to Calm" Inspiration Passes

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Our condolences go out to Emma Parsons, author of Click to Calm, on the passing of her golden retriever, Ben, this past weekend. Ben was the catalyst for Emma's inspired and diligent work on dog aggression. The lessons Emma learned from her experience with Ben and other aggressive dogs, Emma captured in her writing and in her teaching.

When Ben became aggressive as an adolescent, Emma searched in vain for solutions. It wasn't until she traveled across the country to hear Karen Pryor speak about clicker training, that Emma found the beginning of path that would ultimately prove to be not just about Ben, but about dog aggression in general and would lead her to help not just Ben but thousands of others with reactive and aggressive behavior.

While we mourn Ben's passing, we celebrate his healing and Emma's contribution.

A memorial for Ben has been erected at ThisIsBen.com

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