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My cat gets in these "frenzies," dashing across the apartment, leaping onto the window sill, and it takes quite a bit of time for her to calm down. Is there an application of the clicker method that would help? I suspect she is very uncomfortable during these frenzies and I don't know how to help her relax.

Dashing about the apartment madly is a form of cat play. She is not a bit uncomfortable; this is just a way of using up energy which she has an abundance of, being a young, strong animal. Some people call this the zoomies. Young dogs do it too. Enjoy it. Cheer her on. Cats are sprinters, and she can't keep it up for more than a few minutes. If you can see her panting afterwards, that's good, she got a bunch of exercise.

same here...

i have two cats who do this all the time, i know they are playing with each other, but one thing my female cat does that drives me nuts is she constantly scratches at cabinet doors and closet doors. None of her toys, food, or anything of her concern are in these areas... any advice?

I've even velcroed shut some of the cupboards but she figured out how to open them!

Alternate theory?

I read somewhere that these frenzies can be a sign of stress. Sometimes my cats seem like they are just expending some energy, but other times they do it when they are stressed about something...particulary a dirty litterbox...could this also be the case?

I imagine this could be the

I imagine this could be the case. If the cat is going wild and appears to be distressed, maybe there could be an underlying health problem or stress of some kind.

Considering the possibility that the cat might have a lot of pent-up or excess energy, maybe one could spend some extra time playing with the kitty every day, and maybe teach it some routines with the clicker that can give a good excercise?

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