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Owning and Training Small Dogs

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Darlene Arden is interviewed about her new book, and discusses some of the issues with owning small dogs. In particular:

Small dogs also "need gentle, positive obedience training." A trainer as well as an award-winning pet writer, Arden is "a firm believer in clicker training" because, she said, it's easy, and it works.

"I believe in starting training on the floor with your dog, or someplace where you can work at the dog's level," she said. "Bending over a dog is considered a dominance stance," and to a small dog it may be perceived as threatening.

"Never pat a small dog on the head," she said. Imagine what it's like to see a hand as big as you are coming toward you and landing on top of the head. "I don't think even big dogs care much for that," she said.

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We need more work done on

We need more work done on little dog training both for the "normal" ones and the aggressive/reactive guys. There is just nothing out there of value to work and adapt what is done for big dogs for the little guys as 10 pounds and under and we so need it. To read and or give to those working and living with the tiny dogs.
From getting the treats to them faster and use of harnesses with a haltie and where to find equipment for the little aggressive guys.
How to treat and train with little tiny amounts of food as they fill up so much faster. Even getting premade tiny treats is hard.
I have spent the last 3 years working on adjusting things for a very tiny aggressive yorkie and still get flack as I do pick her up in certain settings as her safe zone is under my arm when humans are not listening to me about keeping her safe.
Time for someone to get to work for those of us with little fellows no more then ten pounds as we/I like mine trained and mannerly even if she is tiny.
So easy for everyone to turn on the TV and see someone stick their fist in a mouth of a tiny one but nothing is in writing to counter that at all.
They are different from the big guys and just as in need of training.