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Host a Clicker Training Seminar

Sponsoring a seminar: the right move for you?

Seminars featuring other top clicker trainers can be profitable, enhance your reputation as a top educational facility, and strengthen the bond with your customer. But a seminar is a risky proposition, right? Sure to be a loss leader, right? In many cases, just the opposite is true—and the opportunity is overlooked. The degree of risk fluctuates with the size of your customer base. If you have a school or training facility, chances are you have an established group of loyal customers. That customer base is like starting the 100-yard dash at the 45-yard line.

Reaching out to established customers gives you a great head start on marketing a seminar and significantly reduces your business risk. The rewards, on the other hand, can be quite significant. Chances are you'll pull in new dog enthusiasts and have the chance to meet (and market) to them, you'll reconnect with customers you haven't seen in a while, and you'll do well financially. We can help you evaluate, arrange, and market (further reducing your risk) a one- or two-day seminar featuring top clicker trainers and ClickerExpo faculty members Emma Parsons (author of Click to Calm ) or Virginia Broitman (Creator of the Bow Wow video series). You sponsor the event and we help you market it. Interested? seminars [at] clickertraining [dot] com (Contact us).

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