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KPCT Makes Popular Web Articles Freely Available via RSS Technology

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Spreading new training by sharing KPCT content with other training sites

Waltham, MA, March 12, 2005 — Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT) announces a breakthrough content solution for pet-oriented websites. Through Clicker Connectâ„¢, website owners can now automatically show top content from clickertraining.com on their own sites. The service is free and available now. With interest in the powerful technique of clicker training growing and the field advancing, the service boosts pet-oriented websites' appeal by offering visitors unique, high-quality content with a minimum of hassle and at no cost. Information on the site is produced by Karen Pryor Clickertraining, the most visited and trusted education and product source for clicker training on the internet.

ClickerConnect, the KPCT RSS content feed is available at www.clickertraining.com/rss. (RSS, or Rich Site Summary, is an application that describes web content available for syndicating from an online publisher to web users.) It installs quickly and effortlessly, and contains the leads for the top stories on clickertraining.com. No special technical knowledge is required to install ClickerConnect. The content will open up in a separate window when users click on the stories.

Stories change monthly and cover a range of animal-related and teaching topics. Recently featured stories include:

  • How rethinking cueing can give agility competitors an edge on the agility course
  • How an avian rescue organization saves birds with clicker training
  • How your new puppy and your first-grader may be a lot alike
  • How a miniature horse was trained as a guide horse
  • Tips on training multiple dogs in the same household

"This is another innovation we've designed to introduce more of the pet world to the power of clicker training," said KPCT President Aaron Clayton . "Many fine dog and horse trainers have websites with content that hasn't changed in months or even years, while the trainers' own techniques have evolved. ClickerConnect will enable them to keep their websites as up-to-date as their training skills. Websites for cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other small pets will also have new stories each month and will be able to introduce their visitors to a field that can change their lives. ClickerConnect gives them a stream of vetted, high-quality information, while also giving them one less thing to worry about. You don't have to write all your own content; we have it for you and it's free. So come and get it!"

GET ClickerConnect!

Aaron Clayton
KPCT: Karen Pryor Clickertraining
800-472-5425; 781-398-0754

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