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What Did Attendees Think of ClickerExpo Berkeley?

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The Participants

The Participants

"I am the training officer for the Sacramento County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit. We have about 10 dogs active with our unit. We are trying some of the things we learned at the Berkeley Expo. It was great!"

.. a big success!...The second ClickerExpo, held in Berkeley, was a bigger success judging by the evaluation / feedback forms turned in. 98% of those who turned in surveys said that they would recommend ClickerExpo to a friend and said that we either met their expectations, beat their expectations, or "wowed" them. 38% alone described their experience as a "wow!"

Here's what attendees had to say

Feed back Form Question What was your Overall Impression ?



"Excellent, very inspirational" "The positive mindset let me release fear and learn freely-- what a good lesson for me! "Thank you so much for your brilliance, wisdom, and dedication to educating the rest of us!" "The speakers were so up! They talked TO us not down. The information was wonderful and they were so knowledgeable" "Thank you all so much for a life altering experience for me and my spirit. The opportunity to be here, and meet and work with all of you, wonderful, wonderful teachers at this time in history is a life-defining moment for me.... Thank you, thank you, thank you." "I had so many moments, at least one a class, of WOW, I get it!" "PS .. When I checked in there was a problem with my room rate. One of the your volunteers had it taken care of with a manager immediately! I was tired and I so appreciated it! She was awesome!"

Feedback Question: What was the Best Part(s) of ClickerExpo?

Kathty Sdao Session

Kathy Sdao Session

The interaction with the speakers. I felt like a participant not just a speaker Different speakers, view points, approaches. As much as I valued the "pure [dog]sessions", I LOVED the "Clicking with Kindness" and "Life Impact" sessions Basic information and how to incorporate it with cues in everyday adventures My favorite things were going into new areas that I was less familiar with (police dogs, dolphins, horses)- it challenged me to think about how training with the clicker can apply to all species, including humans

Berkeley Expo Clicker Challenge Winners

Challenge Champs

The speakers... not only what they presented but more HOW they presented it I can't think of any one thing.. everything was GREAT! The Hands-On Stuff definitely! & the handbook! I LOVED Friday night Games! The dinner with speakers opportunity- great!

From the lists and letters

" I am a lurker on this list but I was inspired to come out of the cyber closet by this weekend's Clicker Expo in Berkeley. I have been working with dogs and clickers for about 5 years. I have also been using the principles on my adolescent very troubled stepdaughter for a year. I thought I knew a lot but it turns out there is so much more to learn. I learned not only from the speakers but also from some really awesome participants there who were willing to share what they have learned. I returned from the conference believing in what I have been discovering this last year with my stepdaughter. The implications for use of clicker training are infinite and it only takes an open mind to realize them.
Okay , enough gushing. If you have not attended a conference like clicker expo I highly recommend that you do, both for experienced trainers and for those just starting out. " on Click for Calm
" Emma,
I wanted to send you a big THANK YOU for doing that fabulous talk at the Berkeley Clicker Expo! It was my favorite session because it was so helpful for me.
My first experience with rescuing a dog was 2 years ago. I got a dog and people aggressive springer, stupidly not knowing such extreme problems could exist! All my previous dogs had been happy, friendly mutts. Anyway, trying to deal with my dog led me to clicker training which we are having tons of success with. I often wonder if I am on the right track, as I am just a regular pet owner and not a professional trainer. So that is why seeing you talk was so great!
Keep up the good work, can't wait for your book. "

Berkeley Expo Panel Session
Berkeley Expo Panel Session

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