A Hug in a Mug: "Puppuccino" Pups Bring Smiles!

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Social and mainstream media have discovered the novel program that the Kitsap Humane Society in the state of Washington launched in April. Shelter worker Molly Clark treats one dog at a time to a ride to Starbucks for a “Puppuccino” (simply a small cup of whipped cream). Posting photos of the pups that have enjoyed the (much-needed) outing and treat, the “Puppuccino Pals” program aims to bring more attention to dogs that are waiting to be adopted. The local Starbucks that the dogs visit also promotes the “dog of the week.”

Dogs that are not able to make the Starbucks trip for one reason or another are not left out. When Molly and a dog go out for a “Puppuccino,” they order one to go for a pup left behind. In that way, all of the dogs have the opportunity to both enjoy a treat and gain exposure to potential forever families.

Cute “Puppuccino Pals” can be seen on the shelter’s Instagram account. A new photo appears each Tuesday!

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