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ClickFlicks: Helping the Professional Trainer

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If you've heard me talk at ClickerExpo on Growing Your Business, you'll know that I think the typical class format won't win customers in an increasingly competitive market for training services. In particular, I've advocated a more flexible training curriculum. ClickFlicks, our newly launched service, can help you achieve that in a number of ways and here's the first. Help newly enrolled students prepare for class by directing them to this quick and free introduction to solid clicker training technique in the FreeFlicks section. This free video clip gives the student just enough so they walk into your class having seen good click and treat timing in action and gives your students some things to practice at home before coming in. A prepared student is a better student. Better students give you more flexibility in curriculum design. Best, Aaron Clayton President, Karen Pryor Clickertraining

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Aaron Clayton is President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and TAGteach International, and a member of the ClickerExpo Faculty.