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Announcing ClickFlicks! Download a video training lesson

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Karen Pryor Clickertraining proudly announces the launch of the ClickFlicks Learning Center. With ClickFlicks, you can download full-length videos and shorter video lessons that help you train dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and many other animals.

Video lessons are freestanding videos that range from two to fifteen minutes in length. They teach a specific skill or concept, or help solve a particular problem or training puzzle. All videos use the popular and powerful clicker training method, launched by Karen Pryor and advocated by all of us here at Karen Pryor Clickertraining.

The ClickFlicks experience will be transformational for pet owners who need this kind of assistance as they learn to train their pets, and for training professionals looking to keep abreast of the latest training approaches. ClickFlicks provides answers to simple needs or queries (What do I do about my boisterous dog?); the answers are provided quickly, without the need to wait for delivery, or pay for shipping charges or extraneous information.

At ClickFlicks, there are free videos to introduce clicker training, video lessons on an array of topics from teaching good manners to working at a distance to teaching puppies, and a host of cool and handy trick video lessons as well.

All video lessons cost $4.99. You can watch a 30-second preview clip of any video lesson before purchasing it. Downloadable books (now available at the clickertraining.com store) and audiocasts will soon be available through ClickFlicks as well. All ClickFlicks video lessons and full-length videos can be played on any version 9.0 or higher Windows Media compatible device, such as a computer or video player. Video lessons generally download in just a few minutes with a high-speed connection.

Visit ClickFlicks. Accelerated learning, bit by bit.

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Aaron Clayton is President of Karen Pryor Clicker Training and TAGteach International, and a member of the ClickerExpo Faculty.

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