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TAGteach: Tool helps students, tasks click

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"All kinds of teachers take a tip from dogs that learn new tricks." TAGteach in the news, from the Portland Tribune: The clicker approach has helped Regina Frey of Eugene communicate better with her autistic daughter, Eva. "At first, it sounded a little gimmicky to me," Frey says. "I was a little skeptical that it would work as well as it did." Frey uses the clicker for a number of activities with 9-year old Eva. It has been especially handy when the two are practicing vocals. Eva has to concentrate on her mother's mouth to mimic the sounds. In the past, Frey found that saying ‘Good job' would mess up the task. She also tried visual reinforcement, but that ended up taking Eva's focus off her mother's mouth. With a simple click, Eva knows she has succeeded and doesn't break concentration. "It is really clear to her," Frey says. "It has actually taken half the time to teach some of the skills than it had using vocal feedback." To read the full article, click here. Keri Gorman, noted in this piece, will offer her TAGteach seminar April 11 through June 6 at PCC's Portland Metropolitan Workforce Training Center, 5600 N.E. 42nd Ave. For information, visit www.pcc.edu/com munityed or visit www.tagteach.com for the full listing of TAGteach events and seminars.

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