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Top 10 Reasons for Attending ClickerExpo

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Registration for ClickerExpo Cincinnati opened today, and we can hardly contain our excitement about what we think is the most exciting program to date! What makes this year’s program so compelling? Here’s our list of the top 10 reasons for attending ClickerExpo 2016 in Cincinnati, OH or Reno, Nevada

10.        Are You as Smart as a Dog? Honestly, we’d come to ClickerExpo even if this were the only mind-expanding Session! But, luckily for you, it’s one of many fresh and creative courses from the ClickerExpo faculty that will give you more than one “Wow” moment.  

9.          No limits on Learning Labs. We’ve been able to lift the gates on the number of Learning Labs you can observe. Come, learn, and enjoy—all you want!

8.          Themes that matter. Nine new themes run through ClickerExpo, from Aggression and Behavior Management (ABM) to working with veterinary practices (VET). No matter your interest, you’ll find it!

7.           Recharge. As a recent attendee described the conference, “The energy from the people at ClickerExpo revitalizes my core and reminds me why I love what I do.” Who doesn't need that?

6.          Only at ClickerExpo. Our Sessions and Learning Labs have been created by the ClickerExpo faculty just for ClickerExpo. Unique. Original. ClickerExpo.

5.           Even better Learning Lab spaces! Coming with your dog? You’ll find even roomier, more creative spaces for hands-on learning during ClickerExpo.

4.          But wait, there’s more! Indeed there is. The program has expanded to six simultaneous Sessions and Learning Labs, creating a program with 30% more choices. (More choices might drive some of you insane. A little insanity is OK. We are always here to help.)

3.          Intimate atmosphere. We haven’t lost sight of what makes ClickerExpo great: the open connection between you and the faculty. With so many faculty members this year, you’ll find them easier and more eager to engage than ever.  

2.          Why not both? The Reno and Cincinnati programs aren’t identical, so you can come to both and STILL not see everything! In Reno you’ll find even more courses for your training business and for teaching, and in Cincinnati there will be a wealth of courses on horse training.

1.           You deserve it! Remembering to reinforce yourself is as important as learning how to reinforce others. Experiences that enrich people’s lives increase happiness and well-being. So give yourself the gift of ClickerExpo. You deserve it!

Join us in Cincinnati (March 18-20, 2016) or join us in Reno (January 22-24, 2016). Limited Early-Bird spots are available for a $60 savings. In Europe? Join us this fall at ClickerExpo Warwickshire 23-25th of October 2015.

We hope to see you there!