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Training fish to play soccer?

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Several discussion groups are buzzing about fish training. Here's an article that details some of the highlights from our friends at Fish School:
A Pine man and his son have trained a pet goldfish to "carry" a football, "shoot" a soccer ball into a net, even "dance" the limbo.

If you don't believe it, you can check out photos and videos at the Web site they've launched, www.fish-school.com.


Mr. Pomerleau, who's contacted PETA about his research, also harbors a practical purpose for training fish to be more than just boring decorations:

Kyle and his sister, Kendall, have long wanted a dog, something Mr. Pomerleau and his wife are happy to keep putting off.
Karen trained an Oscar to go through a hoop, as you can see in our Small Pets Training section, and these folks have taken that another step.

Read the entire article here: 'Mad scientists' prove pet fish have more on the ball than we thought


Update on Fish School - Pet Fish Training

Hello, this is Dr. Dean Pomerleau, founder of Fish School. Thanks Bill for mentioning our work. I just wanted to give your readers an update. After after many months of development and testing, we're about to make available a brand new Pet Fish Training Kit so people can train their own pet fish. It will be available at on-line aquarium retailers and in stores beginning in February '08. Be sure to check out the video of Comet, the common goldfish I've trained with the new kit. He can perform nine different, very impressive tricks.