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Don't miss Attila & Fly at ClickerExpo Newport!

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In his day job Hungarian Attila Szkukalek is a biochemist in Norwich, England. In his private life he's a husband, father, and dog training instructor. To the rest of us, Attila with his dog, Fly, is the best freestyle trainer and performer on the planet—and a powerful ambassador for reinforcement-based training. Attila and Fly are the UK freestyle champions and perform regularly at Crufts (the British equivalent of Westminster, but bigger) and throughout Europe. Attila is a regular teacher and participant in Kay Laurence's clicker training conferences in the UK. Now this dazzling team will be coming to the spring ClickerExpo, in Newport, Rhode Island, March 31, and April 1 and 2, 2006. Each day during the lunch hour they will perform a different routine. You'll have a chance to see and study their most popular routines, "Charlie Chaplin," and "Gladiator," plus a new performance now in training, which may in fact be Fly's last routine, Attila has announced. You can see video clips of this must-see-to-believe duo at Attila's site. Then come and see Attila's work in person at next season's final ClickerExpo. This is a precious opportunity; we are lucky to have him. Please join us in Newport.

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[...] We’re getting ready

[...] We’re getting ready to do it again in 45 days(!) beginning March 31st at ClickerExpo in Newport Rhode Island. As a special treat, we’ve flown in one of the most entertaining dog and handler teams in the globe to perform at lunch.  It’s hard to describe the performances of of Attila Skuzalek and his dog Fly. So got take a look. Honestly, the new daily routine alone is worth the price of admission.  Registration information [...]

How exciting. Please send

How exciting. Please send registration information. thank you. Honey Loring