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Teaching CPR with a clicker

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This is a fascinating story about a CPR self-training device that uses a clicker to mark when chest compressions are being done correctly, with fantastic results:

"They found that the home group learned CPR as effectively as those taking the full-fledged course," Cave said.

Each mini-manikin has a built in "clicker." The manikin can be inflated to different pressures, requiring deeper or shallower chest compressions to create a "click." This allows the torso manikin to simulate effective CPR on both adult and child victims.

Research also shows that the home CPR training is retained well. Learners assessed three to six months after finishing the home study course showed excellent retention of the knowledge.

The American Heart Association currently trains 9 million people annually in CPR via traditional classes.

Read the whole story: The Daily Vanguard - Portland State University - Bringing CPR to the masses