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If you can, your toucan can...

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This question came up recently on the AZA training list:

"Does anyone have experience handling/training Toucans? If so, or if you know of anyone could you e-mail me the contact name." Thank you-

Clicker training was the fast answer.

"We have two red billed toucans that we have been working with here at Gulf World. Before I got involved they were using luring and verbal cues. Now that we are using a clicker they have been trained to step
up, to crate, to fly to a station and to hop across the stage. More progress was made in a couple of weeks with a clear precise marker than had been in months. They are in our show now and doing very well."

Best wishes,
Linda Morrow
Clickbirds Administrator
Director of Avian Education
Gulf World Marine Park
Panama City Beach, Florida

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Mine will play with a small

Mine will play with a small soft rubber ball, hoppy down and up on the arm. Very affectionate, caring, and gentle when you gain their trust. Poddy training takes a bit longer. They love to tear up paper. Red grapes and black berries and figs are a favorite of mine. They always want to see you..and tend to Yup Yup it takes patientce and a lot of attenion to keep them happy they tend to be quiter if they can be outdoors awhile. Males seen to be rarer to get.

I'm interested in aquiring a

I'm interested in aquiring a bredding pair. Can you refer me to a breeder or will you be selling any ofspring...waiting list?? Thxs Ralph

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