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Getting yourself in the news

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This month's letter from Karen Pryor to the clicker training community - Minneapolis, Money, Oprah and More - is part of an ongoing effort to get clicker training into the news. Karen's view is that we should all mobilize to get clicker training into the local news, local papers, local TV, and that word will spread upwords to the national media from there. Read the whole letter for her full insight.

Well, it's been inspiring people all around to send us their stories. Here's one from Stacy Braslau-Schneck:

Hi Karen,

We'll be doing a clicker demo for our local NBC news channel On Sept. 24. It's part of a local Health and Wellness convention coverage, and it's being done with our local Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Hopefully APDT's convention here in San Jose will [get] media coverage as well.

Please be sure your PR person does a search for local coverage like this for when he promotes YOU! :)


Stacy Braslau-Schneck, CPDT CAP2
Stacy's Wag'N'Train
San Jose, CA

A click to Stacy! Get us a tape!

Other folks sent us their ideas for local coverage that might be amenable to clicker training:

Re: the need for good PR --

page A17 of today's (sept 14) Boston Globe has an article about saving Gulfport Aquarium dolphins. There's a photo of a trainer with her whistle. The article mentions that dolphins are being trained to be saved by teaching them to jump onto a float. This should be an ongoing story. Very popular. Should get the training/clicker angle in there!

Just a thought.

Terry Golson

And this one:

Hi Karen,
I love to watch RFDTV. Lots of equestrian clinitians showing their methods and selling their tapes and programs. I suppose they pay for their spot. I haven't seen a clicker trainer on that channel yet, but that might be one way to get on the air to promote clicker training and the clicker expo. I bought the Expo DVD and will one day attend an expo. The Learning labs are what I want.

Thanks for sharing with us,
Karen Snapp

Thanks to Terry and Karen for those ideas. How about you? blog [at] clickertraining [dot] com (Send us your stories) of clicker training in the news by writing to blog [at] clickertraining [dot] com. Or, add your comments to this story, and give us and other clicker trainers ideas for getting the word out!