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Setting the dog training story straight in the local news

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This story of clicker training in the news comes from a ClickerExpo attendee who, well, I'll let her describe it: Below is a link to an article which recently ran in our local paper. The catch is, although I am clicker trainer, clickers are not directly mentioned. I was responding to a previous article promoting Bark Busters and their philosophy stressing the importance of insuring your dominance over the dog. The article also stressed how it is so unnecessary to give your dog treats to get him to respond. I fired off a letter to the reporter with "our" side of the story, she requested an interview, and this is the resulting story. P. S. We spoke for several hours and I am about to begin in-home clicker training with the reporter's pit bull. I secretly hope that she writes about the result. Melinda Berger CPDT Dream Dogs LLC Newtown PA She teaches dog lovers new tricks phillyBurbs.com

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Linked fixed, thanks for

Linked fixed, thanks for letting us know!

The link just sends me to

The link just sends me to the home page of the KP newsletter, notthe newspaper article. I'm interested in reading this. How can I do so?