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Clicker training demos popular across the US

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This summer clicker trainers all over the country are spreading the word by giving public demos of what you can do with the clicker. Just in the last week I've seen clippings from The San Jose Mercury, the Orlando Sentinal, and seven other newspapers mentioning clicker demos in connection with pet fairs, humane organization fund raisers, mall events, and other gatherings.

The Anchorage Zoo has even built a whole summer camp event around clicker training. The Anchorage Daily News says:

"Announcing a Zoo Training Day, part of the Zoo Adventures series, for ages 10-12. Activities will include training demonstrations with zoo animals, interactive training games and an introduction to clicker training. Each participant will receive their own training clicker for continued learning. Program fee is $40 per child, with advance registration required. (www.alaskazoo.org, 346-2858)"

This is the real way to spread the word: don't try to convince other trainers, go straight to the people and show them how it works! Big clicks to the many, many c/t-ers across the country who are doing this on their own. You may not know it, but you have lots of company!

Karen Pryor

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