Clicker Training on the Red Carpet: How to Teach Your Dog the Same Skills as Uggie

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If the Academy Awards had a category for “Best Supporting Animal,” Uggie, the canine co-star of the Oscar-winning film The Artist would have won paws-down. In fact, last month the 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier took home the very first animal Oscar, a Golden Collar award for Best Dog in a motion picture.

How did Uggie learn his scene-stealing skills? Clicker training, of course! In this video clip from the Canadian entertainment news show eTalk, Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) graduate Andre Yeu demonstrates how you can teach your dog the behaviors that made Uggie a true “artist!”

Confirmation of how Uggie was trained, please.

May I ask if it is certain that Uggie was taught using clicker training?  And if it was solely clicker training, or combined with negative reinforcement or positive punishment methods? If so, do you know who taught him? I ask because I have seen training videos from the owner/trainer, and many of them show dogs being trained using negative reinforcement which is then combined with positive reinforcement.

I would really appreciate confirmation on this.