Copycat? Copy Dog! Day 2 ClickerExpo Chicago

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high five dog at clickerexpo day 2

Can animals become inventive problem-solvers? Can they mimic one another? Can you teach a dog the difference between bigger and smaller, left and right, higher and lower, round and square? Some of the highlights of Day 2 of ClickerExpo Chicago included Karen Pryor talking about ways we can increase creativity and innovative thinking in any species of learner, Ken Ramirez showing us how animals can be taught to mimic the behavior they see another animal perform, and a special dinner with applied animal behaviorist and best-selling author Patricia McConnell presented what research has to tell us about canine cognition.  There is so much to understand about the ethological aspects of our canine companions, and in Day 2 we learned more about how we can harness that to further our relationship with them. Can’t wait to find out what exciting things we’ll learn in Day 3!