With Clicker Training, Any Cat Can Be a Rock Star—or an Acrobat!

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When you think of the circus big top, lions, tigers, and elephants may come to mind, but these acro-kitties prove that grand entertainment sometimes comes in smaller packages.

Some of you may remember clicker trainer Samantha Martin and the Acro-Cats from our profile, Herding Cats in Hollywood. Samantha, who has clicker trained all kinds of animals for commercials and films, has spent the last two years touring the country in a beat-up RV with her Acro-Cats, a circus show comprised of acrobatic housecats and a feline-fronted band called the Rock Cats. Since they are highly independent creatures, cats don’t have a reputation for being trained easily. Through her shows, Samantha is raising public awareness not only about how cats can be trained, but how clicker training can enrich cats’ lives. That’s not to say that working with cats on stage doesn’t have its challenges. "They're the most unprofessional animals I've ever worked with," says Martin in a recent article. "They groom onstage. They wander off in the middle of the show. They're just very unpredictable."

To learn more about Samantha, her Acro-Cats, and their current show, read the full article.

Cats and Clicker Training?

I recently had a chance to read Clicker Trainig eBook by one of your trainers Cecilie, that's how I came to know about your website. I have 3 dogs of 3 breeds but I could never train them properly becos of my busy schedules. But after reading that eBook I am sure that I can clicker train my dogs.

And clicker training of cats is a news for me. I could never think that cats could be trained, :)