KPA Grad Patrick Danforth and Shelter Dog Ty Take Clicker Training to Television

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Here’s yet another example of Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) graduates doing amazing things in their communities! KPA Certified Training Partner (CTP) Patrick Danforth and Jefferson County SPCA shelter dog Ty recently appeared on WWNY TV in New York to demonstrate how clicker training helps shelter dogs find their forever homes. Watch Patrick and Ty.

A dog named Ty.

Humane societies, rescue organizations, and shelters across the country are seeing great success when they incorporate clicker training into their animal care practices. Dogs not only learn important behaviors, such as “sit” and “down,” but they tend to be more confident and calmer, making them more adoptable.

“When I unlock a dog with clicker training, I feel this incredible bond with them," Patrick told KPCT. "I can see it in the way they act and how they look at me. To see them go to a new home is sad and joyful all at once! Helping dogs find a forever home brings complete joy to my heart!”

Thanks, Patrick and Ty, for the great work, and for helping to spread the word about clicker training! For assistance designing a clicker program for your shelter, contact a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.

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Happy Ending

Ty found a home on Saturday 5 days after he was on TV. 

Such a wonderful loving dog!