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Wine, Cheese and Wags: Socializing with Your Dog!

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Mingling, cocktails, bar snacks…and dog slobber? Not your typical happy hour scene!

Yappy hour crowd

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I recently went to check out a local “Yappy Hour” and brought my dog Dixie along with me! The Liberty Hotel in Boston hosts a great event every Wednesday evening throughout the summer in their fenced in courtyard, for humans in need of an after work cocktail and some bonding time with their furry friends.  Overall, it was a great time (minus a few close calls with my drink and a very enthusiastic Bull Mastiff) and we’re looking forward to attending again. Dixie absolutely loved playing with the other dogs, small and large, and I was able to enjoy an evening out with my human friends and my favorite girl on four legs.

If I could take Dixie with me everywhere I absolutely would! Since adopting her last December, I am far more likely to search out a dog-friendly location for social activities and am thrilled to see more and more venues accommodating our furry family members.  Thankfully my family and friends love having Dixie around as well, but I do think twice before attending an event where she’s not welcome.

Recently, Boston.com published an article on the effects of what they called “the pet snub”. The article said that “as pets become a bigger part of the family, when they’re left off the guest list, the party’s over” and detailed many instances where local residents were upset that their pets weren’t invited to gatherings.

What do you think? Are you offended when you get invited to an event but your dog is not welcome?

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