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I Didn't Plan to Be a Clicker Trainer But...

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From Emily S.:

I was recently asked to do a brief introduction of myself and tell how I started clicker training to a internet discussion board. I had to think back, and when I did I remembered how I first started. I laughed.

I met you at a conference in Feb. 1999. I was supposed to attend another lecture, but I got the wrong room. I ended up in your lecture. I didn't want to be rude, so I stayed. I was a compulsion trainer at the time. I had no clue who you were, and I didn't think the methods you were teaching would ever work. I discussed this with you, and at the end of our discussion you gave me a book and a clicker. (I think you were probably just short of shooting me, and keeping my dog...LOL). You gave me food for thought.

I took the book home, and didn't read it for a while. (I was still thinking that this foo-foo stuff would never work on my Rottweilers!) After researching this whole positive reinforcement/clicker thing I still wasn't sold. (Silly me!) So, to prove you wrong I got out my oldest Rottweiler. He hated training. (I now know why!) I gathered my clicker and treats. We went into the livingroom, and I started playing with this new concept. In about an hour we had learned some simple behaviors. I was amazed how I was able to keep his attention. I was amazed how eager he was to learn, and I was amazed how this "crazy Karen Pryor lady" was right! You sold me!

I owe my whole eye opening experience all to you, and I wanted to thank you. You changed the trainer that I was, the person that I am, and you repaired my relationship with my dog! I have since thrown away all of my prong/correction collars. I have been using this method since about 4 weeks after our discussion. I have used it on over 100 rescue dogs that I have rehomed.

This method is wonderful, and I can't even imagine going back. We all smile now when we train. Me and the dog! It dawned on me today that I never got a chance to thank you, or even let you know that I converted! After my intro yesterday, and receiving my new copy of Don't Shoot the Dog today I thought I would write you and tell you thank you so much. You changed my life. I think my next book purchase will be your "Click to Win!" I have yet to train my conformation dogs using a clicker. Hmm... more food for thought.

Best always and thank you again,

Nautique "Brenmar's Fyr N Ice Ski Nautique, CGC, TDI, HIT" (Belgian Tervuren)
Aidan "Sarron's White Christmas" (Belgian Sheepdog)
Chai " Brenmar's Child of Freedom, CGC" (Belgian Tervuren)
Buddy (Geriatric Dachshund)
Flynn (Brand New Rescue Border Collie)

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