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Shelter Volunteer: Clicker Training Changed My Life

Dear Karen,

I wrote you months ago when I first read Don't Shoot the Dog. I wrote then that I would be a "clicker maniac"...guess it was an understatement.

Since then, I'm working towards my CPDT with Animal Behavior and Training Assoc., became a member of APDT, acquired an extensive Positive library, signed up on some really great online groups, and volunteer at the local shelter.

This week I began a pilot program clicker training a "kennel crazed" dog. Started yesterday. Was advised by a volunteer that "nobody" can walk him except a large male volunteer. Well, at the end of our first session he was a pro at LLW! (This was accomplished by having him walk next to me inside without leash.) We're shaping sit pretty and say your prayers! This is so exciting!

He's "unadoptable" right now because of jumping and serious mouthing. He's learning take it and touch it. Touch it must be done with a closed mouth. So far, we're having success—my goal is to get him to only "touch" people. Clicks for 4 on the floor. My short term goal is to train this one dog successfully. My intermediate goal is to continue this program with other dogs... along with a clicker training POSITIVE only training course for volunteers and have the entire shelter clicking. My long term goal is to have a clicker training facility at the shelter...to be used as an income producer for the shelter.

Since I have found my passion in life (which I credit to you). I look forward to clicking 'til the end of time!

Allison Denlea
Paws Positive Clicker Training

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