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ADI Inc: Top Dogs in Reinforcement in the Workplace

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From Brian Snarr:

I read Don't Shoot the Dog many years ago and became an immediate fan. It has helped tremendously with training and having fun with our two dogs and one cat. I was also very interested in sections that talked about dealing with people. As a teacher, I implemented some positive reward systems in my classroom. It has been great!

I am currently enrolled in a master's degree program in which we are discussing organizational behavior. Currently, we are focusing on motivational techniques for the manager. I am trying to convince members of the class that positive reinforcement does work with employees in the workplace. I immediately thought of your book, but I have met some real resistance. People are so much more familiar with punishment and negative reinforcement. They seem to think that many people will only respond to negative reinforcement and punishment. In many instances, punishment seems easier to give out than positive reinforcement.

Where can I find more information about the application of positive techniques to the manager and employee in the workplace?

Dear Brian,

Aubrey Daniels, founder of Aubrey Daniels International, is your man. He has built a consulting empire out of bringing operant conditioning and positive reinforcement into the workplace and corporate world. Daniels has written many books on positive reinforcement in the work place. He is a leading scientist in the field as well as a leading consultant and businessman. His company, ADI, maintains a large website full of news and useful ideas. Anyone interested in using modern behavioral principles in the management setting will find lots of useful ideas: go to www.aubreydaniels.com.

From the ADI website: "In 1978, ADI began introducing the original methods of Performance Management (PM) to the world. Today, after two decades of experience, we are the global design house for structuring and building organizational performance excellence. To meet and exceed our clients' needs, ADI continually incorporates the newest and most effective performance technology and research innovations into its strategies. In doing so, we retain our preeminent position as a behavior-based solutions market."

Happy clicking!

Karen Pryor

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