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Happy Obedience!

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Man, Laev was on fire tonight.  I felt like a jerk for not bringing her tug out on the field, as that was clearly what she wanted to work for.  (She accepted the treats, though!)  She gave me bright, happy heeling -- even with the very noisy distraction I'd invented for tonight, someone circling us shaking a metal bucket with chains.  As part of our new Noise With Heeling protocol, it was a fabulous start.

She also gave me absolutely perfect (short) honor downs, even while the horses galloped in the pasture opposite us.  What a good girl.

I am still worried about her knee, but I couldn't refuse her all bitework again, especially when she was working so well.  So we did a very short side transport session, where Laev did no turning and no pulling (I had the helper slip the sleeve immediately).  It did blow her mind to start with the side transport instead of a more active exercise; she had a tough time getting started and keeping position.  She ended well, though.  Good girl.