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Toilet training three cats

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Raven. My cats are (all spayed or neutered):

Baby - 10 years old, Grey Tabby - considered "THE B$^%CH. She's about 20

Patches - 11 years old, Calico - has been de-clawed by previous owner. Believes
that she is the Princess and owns us all and she is to get what she wants when
she wants it.

Sir Purr - 2 years old - Orange Tabby. 20 pound, muscled, CAT who thinks he's a

I've been reading through the posts and files for three days now and have
decided that, yes, I've got opossible thumbs and I can do this!!

So, I made a list last night of things to get:

1. Flushable litter - I ended up at Walmart and got Hartz cracked corn cob to
use. Mixed it in with the standard litter in their LB today.

2. plastic carpet runners - my entire bathroom is carpeted.

3. Litter Kwitter - haven't ordered it yet but have to get the multi-cat thingy

4. Commode - I had read somewhere that this is a "pick up and move" item in
case we get tired of taking the LQ out of the toilet. Makes it easier for
everyone in our elderly household.

5. Another wooden toilet seat - which I will use to replace the toilet seat top
when the time comes. I figure I'll glue (or velcro) some carpet on it so that
the cats will have traction. I expect to use this toilet seat on the commode as
we're training and then attach it to the toilet when they've learned and when we
figure they don't need the commode any longer.

6. motion detector - hard to find one without lights. Still looking. To be
used to alert us when one of the cats goes to the T so that we can do the reward

7. Cat treats - we found Greenies. Seems wholesome and natural.

8. Going to order "Odor Free 1-2-3" (suggested on many sites and blogs) and
before putting down the plastic on the floor, we're going to clean the floor and

9. I purchased a sturdy step for them so that there's no slippage or weight
caused collapsing of the step up to the toilet for Baby (who is way too fat to
run and jump).

So, I consider today Day 1.

Wish me luck.


Today I discovered clicker training

Today I discovered clicker training. I'm reading a lot and I'm going to get clickers to start working with the cats not only for toilet training but also for other things.

I've learned a LOT about cats this past week and I've had Baby for 9 years and just didn't understand what she was saying to me.