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First Puppy Class

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We went to our first puppy class last night. I was so sure my wonderful puppy would show them all up. Ha! Jazzy wanted to bark and play with the other puppies all evening! I have never heard her bark so much! Mr. Wubba did not interest her at all. I will have to take something far more exciting for her to chew during the discussion time.

There are 7 puppies in all ranging in age from 8 to 12 weeks. Jazzy is right in the middle at 10 ½ weeks. There are 2 Westie sisters, a beagle, a golden retriever, a Springer spaniel, and a little Papillion mix. This is a nice group of puppies and a good mix of people: men, women, and kids.

Last night the pups had an opportunity to play altogether and get acquainted. We also practiced attention and sitting with the clicker. Our homework next week is to increase attention to 8 seconds (a long time for a puppy!) and to learn one new trick. I would like to be able to teach Jazzy to "high five" by catching the behavior of a raised paw and shaping, but we will see. I will probably teach whatever trick I can capture.