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Back to back.

Monday, I got a call from my training friend who organizes the therapy dog reading programs for the county-wide public library system.  One of their regulars was ill and they needed a substitute dog.

So Monday night, Laev went to her first therapy dog visit.  She was a bit too forward when greeting the effusive librarians, but then she remembered to sit nicely.  I'd managed to walk out and leave her quiet-toy at home, but she downed on her mat and lay still while shy kids worked up the courage to approach her, pet her, and eventually read to her.  Laev spent a great percentage of the time lying on her back, enjoying belly rubs, while kids and parents took turns reading.  She was very, very good.

Then I tossed her mat into the car and drove up to join Schutzhund practice, where Laev worked on more obedience for blind searches, calls out of the blind, and avoiding predicting outs.

Yeah, back to back.  That's called stimulus control.  That's my dog.  :)