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Maggie's Bite Safety for Kids

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We are only a few days away from our third annual trip to a preschool where my sister is the principal. Every year we visit the children to talk about dog safety and preventing bites to kids. We practice "Being a Tree" while standing and "Being a Rock" in case they were ever knocked down. After the serious business Maggie gets to show off her tricks and be patted by all of the children (that is her favorite part!).

We are working on a few new tricks to show them like spinning and bowing. Some of the kids like it when I have her speak, but some kids get nervous, so we will probably drop that one. A favorite that she does for them is pushing the Easy button (from Staples), although she gets very excited and tries to eat it! That's okay, the kids just called it "playing hockey"! We also do a reminder for them on fire safety when Maggie "Stops, Drops and Rolls".

We also have handouts that we send home for the parents because we know that this is not a one shot deal. The parents need to stress not approaching strange dogs just as much, if not more as they stress not talking to strangers.

I'll post a follow up when we are done!

Jessica and Maggie "who likes her nickname at the school of "The Safety Dog"!)