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Rescue horse + clicker training = positive outcome

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Karen Pryor was recently interviewed for an article posted at CinCHouse.com, a website for military women and wives. The article details how clicker training helped a traumatized rescue horse.

Blue had clearly been abused. The then-7-year-old Arab/Appaloosa/Percheron gelding was petrified of horse trailers. His owner, Lei Ryan, Army wife and former active duty officer, could tell her rescue horse had been traumatized in a trailer. 

After clicker training:

Blue now not only willingly loads in a trailer, but also trusts Ryan to guide him through all kinds of situations that used to terrify him. The horse that used to shy away from human contact recently took part in a parade through downtown Leavenworth. "He's very much my buddy," she said. "He chooses to be with me. He chooses to do the things I do. He's very cooperative."

Once again, clicker training saves the day—and the horse. Read the full article here.

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Great Story

Just want to say that was a great story and so amazing that horses learn this behavior. I am so new to this clicker-nation!


was a very nice article. Thank you for making sure we found it :o)