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Beatrice has left the building- Goodbye my friend.....

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Dear Friends

Today we say goodbye to the greatest Rottweiler I have ever owned. U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier CD, RE, TD, CGC, TT, 4 RAE legs, 2006 ARC #5 Rally excellent and #11 Rally Advanced (in just 4 trials) all health clearances passed (CHIC) http://www.frontierrots.com/bea.htm  3/11/2003 - 2/20,2008
 Bea was bred by Gretchen & George Caldwell of vd Frolikind Rottweilers
 I have loved every single Rottweiler I have had in 23 years in the breed and they have all held a piece of my heart and been dearly loved. However Bea was a special one. She came to me when I was still in my 'dark times" the year following the loss of 14 month old Darla to SAS and yanked me out of that funk by force.
While I had taught pet dog obedience for many years, Bea was my first competition dog and what a girl she was. Her talent was limited only by my work schedule and finances. In 3 years Bea earned her AKC companion dog, UKC Companion dog, AKC Rally Novice in 3 straight trials, Rally Advanced in 3 straight trials, Rally Excellent in 3 straight trials. AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate, USTTA temperament test certificate. She took a maternity leave (and gifted me with my darling Annie) and came back out to slam out an AKC Tracking Dog title in the pouring rain 4 hours from home and earn 4 legs of her RAE in the only 4 trials we competed in prior to buying our home (AKA money pit). Those FOUR RAE legs earned her an ARC Top Ten ranking in Rally Excellent and a near miss of a Top Ten ranking in Rally Advanced. She missed earning her Tracking Dog Excellent title because of MY crappy handling (dog did great, owner failed the test). The missing TDX and finishing her RAE-as well as getting spayed- would have given her enough points for her ARC Versatility Excellent award
Bea was my demo dog for Rally seminars and classes I taught and was in training to be a Wounded Wildlife recovery dog
Most importantly Bea was my best friend, companion and enforcer of the house rules.
In November we bred Bea for her second and final litter. Mid December Bea slipped and fell while playing in the living room  and limped. Since she had some post Lyme arthritis the vet had us simply crate rest her. Christmas came and she still limped so we ran a tick panel- negative. January 2, 2008 we went in for a pregnancy ultrasound but instead x rayed her front end. The worst news possible stared at us from the digital x ray. Bea had bone cancer of the proximal humerus.
I almost put her down that very day but my family wanted us to take it day by day and that is what we did.
Bea delivered 7 beautiful babies via a planned c section on 2/2/2008 and she has been the model Mom. She just adores these babies and is not completely happy unless they are with her. sadly after the surgery Bea's tumor went on a crazed growth spurt and we decided that the end of her road was here so on 2/20/2008 we took my best girl for her last car ride.
She leaves a loving family, an adoring group of fans and friends and 7- 2 1/2 week old babies behind.
May the tracking fields be large and forever lush dear Bea and please keep Darla in line while you both wait for me on the other side...
I have a lovely flash slide show I put together but for love or money I cannot get the darn thing uploaded anywhere and MSN will not allow me to attach swf files to emails. If someone has some help for that I'd love to be able to share the pictorial of Bea's life.
As an aside: the minority of those reading this who might feel the urge to share their no so nice thoughts or comments on the whole sad story; please for once in your life don't.
To everyone else thank you in advance for your thoughts and candles. Bea is/was a very special and loved girl
Your "Mom" Diane
PS many of you may have read excerpts of the Life With Bea book we have been writing. I will be finishing this as soon as I can. Part of the proceeds from the sales will go to Dr Meurs SAS study (In memory of Darla) and part will go to the Rottweiler Health Foundation for bone cancer research (In memory of Bea)
PPS BY REQUEST. Donations in Bea's name.
I've had quite a few requests for information as to where people can donate in bea's name.

I certainly do not expect anyone to, but if you want to you can donate to the Rottweiler Health Foundation

Donations of $25 of more can be sent using this form

for this form you will need

Bea's name: U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier CD, RE, TD, TT, CGC

and since the owner's are not the donators just put this after Bea's name on that same line (Richardson/Caldwell)

DOB: 3/11/03 DOD: 2/20/08

then cross out the word owner and insert your name on the sponsor line and complete the rest

for donations less than $25 just send it to the same address with the same info above, but using your own paper instead of the form

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So sorry

I wandered onto your post and wanted to say how sorry I was to hear of Bea's passing. I lost a special dog in October; he ate a poisonous mushroom in the yard and was gone within 12 hours, so I feel your pain. The suddenness is the worst. I hope that you've enjoyed her puppies and are able to keep one that will remind you of your special Bea. What a wonderful gift she left you with.

Amy and the Scotties
Ch. Munro's Mildly Toasted CDX RE OA OAJ NAP NJP
Ch. Anstamm Let's Party CD RA
the baby, Anstamm Maryscot First Blush

oh dear

I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss. And what an awful timing, just as she has small puppies.
My best wishes for your family including the little puppies.