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Clicker trainer takes first place and special honors at International Freestyle Competition

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Our hearty congratulations to Michele Pouliot and her Australian shepherd "Listo" (pronounced "Lee stow") for winning first place and both of the special Attila and Fly awards for High Technical and High Artistic merit at the 2007 International Freestyle Competition, held in Greeley, Colorado. The performing duo even received a perfect 10 from one of the judges. Michele's 8-year-old English springer spaniel "Cabo" wasn't far behind, taking fourth place. Want to learn how Michele does it? She'll be teaching sessions on freestyle and guide dog training at ClickerExpo 2008.

Way to go, Michele!

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Congrats! Is there video footage anywhere? I'd love to see what Lista and Cabo can do!


I would

just like to add my congratulations! Impressive achivement, Michele.