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Victory! Dorcas followed the target stick through the cat crunchy tunnel twice, to be rewarded with papaya treats from Kaytee. She really likes those treats; when she gets the chance, she will stick her entire face into the bag.  And I don't even remember which pet store I got them from.  

 I am so pleased with this indication that the rabbits are getting the point of the target stick.  Sometimes, I think I am not insisting on enough performance with them when handling out treats -- I don't always make them hop in order to etxtend their nose to hit the target stick, I sometimes accept just touching it right in front of them.  But when Dorcas followed the target stick through the tunnel twice, I knew that at least one of the three rabbits finally understood the game of "play ball" or "follow your nose".  I am just ecstatic.  

 I am looking forward to acquiring some new materials to train with: I want to get a small hoop and some small traffic cones.  The hoop is for the rabbits to jump through, which I think they can master handily and which I think they will take much playful pleasure in. It could also be a better prelude to the high jump that they have started balking at. The small traffic cones are for setting up as an obstacle/agility course, cones for the rabbits to weave through. I have seen a nice video with a rabbit doing precisely that, and I think my girls would also enjoy that game.  

Well, I don't suppose I should let myself get too far ahead.