Olympic diver Greg Louganis trains with a clicker

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As reported in the Sun-Sentinel, Olympic-medal winner Greg Louganis relies on clicker training with his dogs, as well as with the divers he trains:

His life is now devoted to show dogs and performance training—for dogs and humans. Ironically, when Louganis works with young elite divers he uses a dog training clicker to help them with their breathing and timing.

"With the click there is no emotion or yelling attached to it, but it gives information," Louganis said.

Louganis downsized from his Harlequin Great Danes he used to raise and show to two Jack Russell terriers, Nipper and Dobby, ranked in the nation's top 10 for agility, border collie Gryaff and prized Papillon Fawkesee, who patiently waited for him in an air-conditioned office at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex.

"I have the whole Harry Potter theme going [with the dogs' names]," Louganis said.

We actually have a term for clicker training with humans: TAGteach. Find out more!

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