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Today made an effort to get some better air. The contractors were working on the inside so the dehumidifiers were off almost all day, we had the windows and doors open and we played in the brook for 20 minutes midday.

I laid a REALLY short track (187 yards) across the street at 2:20 under sunny 77 degree skies. No cornfields just grass and brush.

At 5:50 we went out the track is now 3 1/2 hours old) and Bea was VERY excited to get dressed. We approached the flag so the track went right from it and with no hesitation Bea went the right way. She was tracking very carefully and slowly BUT she WAS tracking! She could smell! This leg went down an incline through tall dead grass and blackberries and crossed a shallow water filled ditch. Bea checked up and down both sides before jumping it and then found the track right away. When she got into the short clover where the ground was wet, she checked quite thoroughly before commiting. She did cut about 3' off the corner to the right in tall dead grass but then was right on the track and speeding up.

Leg 2 cut behind the barn and skirted a burdock and blackberry patch and went down a sharp drop and in the tall grass Bea proudly flipped me a mitten! Yeah we had a party. She is so happy that she is doing well. She has no trouble restarting and at the next corner she overshoots it a little and circles back and picks up the right turn and off she goes.

Through more tall grass and brush and into small trees where she finds a bandana. She is really eager now and flips me the bandanna and stares at me like "hurry pick it up we have to go". I pocket it and she zips off. She overshoots the next turn but again circles back and easily finds the left turn.

As the track goes through small trees and skirts thick brush and a stone wall she checks to the left once but comes back and recommits and pulls to the glove. Oh my is she happy!

We run across the road and to the house with the glove where she jumps into the Santa Fe to get undressed (our routine). Oh she's still happy! We take the glove and bound into the house for a jackpot of cooked chicken. Bea is still smiling and happy!!

Oh what a relief! We shall go to the brook each day between now and Sunday!! Laughing


(OH! and I found out tonight, that both places Bea checked off the track (short clover and in the saplings just before the glove) were where hubby went in and then back out from his hike on THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!)