Your dog's tail wagging direction holds meaning

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New research indicates that your dog may be communicating through the wag of his tail. From the Discovery Channel:

"Going right or left makes a big difference for tail wagging dogs, Italian researchers have discovered.

Tails wag to the right when dogs are happy and see something they want to approach, and to the left when they are frightened and confronted with something they want to run away from, claim the researchers.

According to Giorgio Vallortigara of the University of Trieste, Angelo Quaranta and Marcello Siniscalchi of Bari University, these "striking asymmetries in the control of tail movements" are another example of how the right and left halves of the brain control different emotions. They published their findings in a recent issue of the journal, Current Biology."

You can read the entire article here.

Has anyone ever noticed tail wagging direction in their own pet?

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Tail wagging.

I have read this article with interest. Just one question. Do they mean the dog's right or the owner's right (when looking at the dog from the front)? I guess they mean the dog's right but this is not clear from the article.

tail wagging

hmmm very interesting...... neat to read about these things it is a bit harder to tell with my dogs because they have their tails docked(i hate it not my choice, i personally think docking and cropping should be banned) but they do tend to wiggle their bums a certian way. I am going to watch them more now.