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Post YouTube videos to your Clickertraining.com blog!

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You can now post videos from YouTube or any other video-sharing site to your blog on clickertraining.com! Just create a new blog entry, click "disable rich-text" below the editor, paste the "embed" code into your post, the click "submit."

For example, here's a hog doing weave poles!

If you have any trouble, please comment below and I will answer so we can share the solutions.

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The video shows up fine on the preview, but is gone when I post.

trouble with video

When I first posted this, the video showed up no problem. Then I went back to fix a typo, and now can't get the video to work- the embed code shows up as part of the message, rather than the video. HELP!

Paste in the code again

Hi Susan,

Just do the same thing again -- "disable rich text", then paste in the video embed code -- and it will work.

The "WYSIWYG" fancy editor takes everything typed in it literally, not as code, and it also attempts to intelligently rewrite anything in it for proper formatting. That's why you have to disable it to embed code, and why if you don't, the code shows up in the editor.

Let us know if it works out!